Preventative Pest Control for Phoenix Homeowners

If you’re hearing noises in the walls or spotting bugs under sofas, it’s definitely time to call in Intelligent Pest Management. Unfortunately, homeowners often forget pest control should start long before a full-fledged infestation. In fact, preventative pest control from our team is focused on avoiding the serious and costly repairs or structural damage that critters can cause. In our field, this type of philosophy is usually referred to as integrated pest management, or IPM for short.

Why use integrated pest management at home?

Integrated pest management simply means we believe pest control is an ongoing and preventative process, not a one-step, one-time solution. No one wants an infestation in their home—or worse still, one that causes structural damage—so a pre-emptive and eco-friendly mindset is the safest choice for residential pest control. The first step in effective pest management is to schedule a regular inspection with our team at IPM – Intelligent Pest Management. Our experts know which types of pests are most likely to be found in your area, and know where to look.

Even if no infestations are currently present, advance action is an important step in pest control, so a regular inspection is always a good idea. During the inspection, our experts will check for environments that might be friendly or attractive to pests. We can make recommendations on how to create better seals to the outside or eliminate common pest food sources.

If you know you already have a pest problem, or if we discover evidence of an issue, the next steps are to immediately identify which type of pests are causing the problem, and then analyze how and why the infestation was able to happen. It’s not enough simply kill any remaining bugs or critters, because without solving the problem, the animals will just return again and again. Instead, our philosophy of IPM stresses nonchemical control methods and a combination of different options that might include baiting, trapping, and environmentally friendly control tactics in order to truly eliminate the problem and discourage recurrence. We only use chemicals as a last resort, and offer the most mild and household-friendly options possible on a case-by-case basis.

After an initial inspection from our team, we will stay in touch with you to monitor your property for signs of further pest activity from new sources or repeat offenders. As the seasons change, so will the threat from different pests, like wasps in the springtime, so contact us for ongoing protection.

Protect your home from pests

You can contact us anytime for a free inspection, with control services starting at just $28.50 and termite removal for as low as $375. We’re happy to provide you with a clear price quote on all of our services, because our goal is to give you the pest control services you need to stay safe. To do that, we know our work must be affordable and professional. Contact us for service in English or Spanish today. Se habla Español!

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