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Intelligent Pest Management Offers Cricket and Scorpion Control

The pest control experts at Intelligent Pest Management (IPM) have been helping homeowners and business owners rid their Phoenix-area properties of crickets and scorpions for more than 40 years. We use an integrated pest management approach for residential and commercial buildings, ensuring that our efforts comprise an ongoing, preventative process rather than a one-time solution. We can introduce a wide range of techniques to get rid of scorpions and crickets once and for all. Among the strategies we incorporate are trapping, baiting, and other non-chemical control methods. If your home or office still has pesky pests after a combination of these efforts, we will use household-friendly chemicals as a last resort. Our team is licensed, insured, certified, and registered, so you can rest assured our professionals will get the job done. Call us today for comprehensive cricket and scorpion control in Phoenix, AZ.

Understanding the Importance of Cricket and Scorpion Control

Crickets and scorpions thrive in the desert climate in the Valley of the Sun. But, they love to find a warm shelter where they can nest and infest. Your home or office is ultimately desirable because of the inherent access to nearby food and water sources. But each type of pest can cause harm or problems within your household.


Common throughout the Southwest, scorpions are hunters that will search for and enter cracks or openings in your building to find food. When you see them outdoors, scorpions are typically attempting to hide in shrubs, plants, and trees, but the brazen among them will enter your attic, crawlspaces, pantries, closets, and more. Not all scorpions are poisonous, but all species have a sting that can hurt people or pets. To make matters worse, they are difficult to detect. If you notice even one, contact IPM for integrated pest management services that can rid your home of these nuisances.


While crickets do not have the painful sting of scorpions, they can be equally unpleasant. They seek warm, moist environments in which to live and breed. Such settings may include your basement, attic, and pantries. Crickets can carry diseases and are unwanted anywhere near your home. Additionally, their incessant chirping can annoy anyone in the vicinity. To protect your family and sanity, let IPM perform cricket control techniques when you have an infestation.

Intelligent Pest Management Uses Various Control Methods

IPM is committed to pest control throughout the Phoenix area, but we are also dedicated to helping protect our environment in any way we can. Many believe that pest management must include harmful, malodorous chemicals. But our eco-friendly team bucks that trend. Our organic pest control products – from brands like Natural, Termidor, and Premise – are safe for pets, children, and anyone else. However, we try to avoid using chemicals altogether when we can. Our methods include baiting and trapping pests as well as other non-chemical tactics.

Our approach is not merely reactionary. IPM will gladly visit your home for a regular inspection to determine where you may be vulnerable to infestations or to discover an infestation of which you may not have been aware. During this consultation, we will provide recommendations regarding ways to safeguard your home or office against crickets and scorpions. These suggestions may include creating better seals to the outside and eliminating food sources.

IPM Aims to Introduce Long-Lasting Solutions

There is an abundance of crickets and scorpions throughout the Southwest. Therefore, one-time solutions do not work for Phoenix homeowners. Merely wiping out an entire infestation does not prevent scores of other pests from entering the same way and for the same reasons. Intelligent Pest Management strives to deliver solutions that will keep your property free of crickets and scorpions over time, eliminating them once and preventing their return. Let us help you get rid of scorpions and crickets for good.

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Crickets and scorpions are unwelcome in any home, especially yours. Collectively, they can cause physical harm, produce a cacophony of noises, and pose various other risks to your family. But it is difficult to keep them at bay because they often go undetected, hiding in the shadows of your crawlspaces, pantries, and more. But Intelligent Pest Management has more than four decades’ worth of experience helping homeowners get rid of crickets and scorpions in Phoenix, AZ. If you have noticed the pests in your home – or even if you just suspect they are there – enlist our help. Contact us today for a free inspection.

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