Commercial Pest Control for Effective Solutions in Phoenix, AZ

IPM – Intelligent Pest Management brings over 40 years of experience to protecting your business. As a family owned and operated company, we know the value of supporting fellow local businesses and making life more convenient amid all the priorities a business owner juggles to grow and thrive. You can call us for commercial service throughout East Valley, West Valley, and Central Phoenix. Our team of professional entomologists understands the specific needs and potential pest threats across industries, from food and beverage service companies to industrial warehouses.

Get pest management before pest control

Our team is available for standing inspections as part of a solid commercial integrated pest management (IPM) plan monthly, quarterly, annually, or in any interval required by your industry or the nature of your property. Integrated pest management focuses on addressing the root cause of critter infestations, like the presence of convenient food, water, or shelter, to discourage infestations before they even occur and can cause damage. By consistently checking your property as the seasons (and pest types) change and your business grows, you’ll never lose products or customers from an avoidable infestation.

Like residential IPM, commercial IPM and pest control is much the same. Prevention is a far better strategy than constantly fighting infestations that might impact your product, your workplace, your employees, and your customer experience. For details on our inspection process and the philosophy behind IPM services, you can visit our Residential Pest Control page to learn more.

Integrated pest management for business

Unlike a home, however, businesses are required by law to meet many more safety standards to protect their employees and customers. The first steps of an IPM program from Intelligent Pest Management remain the same for homes and businesses: a free inspection from our team, preventative action when there are no problems, and pest identification and source analysis if there is an existing control problem. Based on the type of bug or animal at hand, we combine treatment options to avoid chemicals if at all possible, for everyone’s health and welfare.

Our expert team will provide the necessary documentation to fulfill legal standards in the state of Arizona. Up-to-date pest documentation and a solid integrated pest management program have a huge impact on any business in the food and beverage industry when it’s time for an audit. Even for business owners in other industries, pests can damage inventory or give customers a nasty shock in a way that harms your business in the long term. Depending on your industry, Intelligent Pest Management can recommend and provide Important documents, including a scope of service, pest activity reports, service reports, corrective action reports, trap layout maps, lists of approved pesticides, pesticide usage reports, and applicator licenses. Call us today for a free inspection around Phoenix, and we’ll help you and your customers stay safe and healthy. Se habla Español!

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