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Do you suspect you may have bed bugs, mice, cockroaches, or another type of pest in your home or factory warehouse? You can’t afford to ignore it for very long, as pest infestations tend to spread rapidly and cause expensive damages over time. If you’re looking for a trustworthy pest control company in the Mesa, AZ area, look no further than IPM – Intelligent Pest Management. Since 1977, we’ve served the pest control needs of residential and commercial clients alike. Our pest control services are ongoing and preventive to offer the best results. Contact us for a free quote on any of the following:

Ants in the House Making You Antsy? Call IPM in Mesa, AZ!

Ant infestations tend to spread quickly because ants are social insects with extensive colonies and impressive communication skills. They send scouts to locate a food source before relocating the entire colony, but it doesn’t take long to go from having zero ants to having ants in the house everywhere you look. Do-it-yourself ant traps aren’t usually very effective. Call IPM for the best ant control in Mesa, AZ.

Remove Nasty Bed Bugs with Our Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs are nasty pests. Trust us; we have over 40 years of experience dealing with them. It doesn’t take long for a home or business to become infested with bed bugs. To check for bed bugs, be on the lookout for bed bug bites, blood stains on your mattress or clothing, or the small, flat-shaped bugs themselves. Our bed bug treatment in Mesa, AZ should save you money, discomfort, and worry.

Get Expert Help with Bees, Hornets, and Wasps

Removing bees, hornets, wasps, and yellow jackets from your property requires a professional. IPM offers bee and hornet control in Mesa, AZ, so our clients don’t have to worry about being stung when removing yellow jacket nests and certain types of wasps. Nests are often found on the ground, hanging from trees, and sometimes even in the middle of an attic. Don’t touch them. Call us instead!

How to Get Rid of German Cockroaches from Your Home

Although cockroaches may not sting or bite like other insects, they pose a threat to your health and happiness because they’re known carriers of bacteria and disease. They also cause severe allergic reactions for many people, especially children with asthma. When you need cockroach control in Mesa, AZ, turn to the experienced team at IPM. We can help you take steps to prevent a cockroach infestation or to get rid of roaches already on your property. Learn how to recognize cockroach eggs and poop.

Count on IPM for Effective Cricket Control

House crickets may be harmless, but their incessant chirping can be maddening. If the sound of crickets chirping is becoming unbearable, don’t waste your money on DIY cricket traps that often don’t work. Invest in cricket control in Mesa, AZ from IPM’s pest control experts. Getting rid of crickets isn’t just about your sanity. They attract other unwanted house guests, such as scorpions and spiders.

Scorpions Are a Major Concern for Many Clients

Scorpions in Arizona are a major concern for many of our clients. The Arizona bark scorpion’s venom and sting can be harmful to humans. If you need scorpion control in Mesa, AZ, IPM uses eco-friendly pest control products to help you reduce the scorpion population around your property. We’ll help you identify and treat suspected nesting and breeding areas to get rid of scorpions in your home.

Reducing Mosquito Activity and Populations

Mosquito activity can be heavy year-round in Arizona. While it may be nearly impossible to keep mosquitoes away for good, there are specific steps you can take to minimize their breeding and control their population. Call IPM for mosquito control in Mesa, AZ. We’ll provide you with information on how to get rid of mosquitoes and make your property less hospitable for these unwanted pests.

Complete Mice and Rodent Removal

Don’t waste another dime on the so-called “best rat poison” at your closest supermarket. Call the friendly extermination team at IPM for mice and rodent control in Mesa, AZ. Whether mice, rats, or other large rodents have invaded your home, we offer complete removal services after a thorough analysis of the infestation. We would also be happy to give you tips for preventing future outbreaks.

Keep Spiders Away with Our Pest Control Experts

Whether or not you have arachnophobia, nobody enjoys dealing with a spider infestation. Besides tarantulas, Arizona residents may also find common house spiders, black widows, or wolf spiders lurking in the eaves and corners of their homes. When you call IPM for spider control in Mesa, AZ, we’ll make every effort to help you keep spiders away. Ensuring cracks are sealed is a great place to start.

Termites Are a Terror for Any Home or Structure

Termites are a terror for any residential or commercial structure because they can cause significant damage in a short amount of time. IPM’s comprehensive termite control and treatment in Mesa, AZ can help you get rid of termites and prevent future issues. The sooner you identify signs of termites with a termite inspection, the better your chances are of containing any damages while they’re still minor.

Contact IPM for a Free Property Inspection to Keep Pest-Free

Even if you don’t have an active infestation in your home or business, it’s never too early to begin thinking about pest control in Mesa, AZ. Being vigilant with regular property inspections and taking preventive measures is essential to keep your property pest-free. Contact IPM – Intelligent Pest Management to request a free property inspection and pest control quote today!

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